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birthdayLee Iacocca10/15/1924alive90

Janis Ian4/7/1951alive63

Eric Idle3/29/1943alive71

Billy Idol11/30/1955alive59

Julio Iglesias9/23/1943alive71
deadJohn Inman6/28/1935dead3/8/2007(71)
deadDaniel Inouye9/7/1924dead12/17/2012(88)

Kathy Ireland3/8/1963alive52

Patricia Ireland10/19/1945alive69

Jeremy Irons9/19/1948alive66

Michael Ironside2/12/1950alive65
birthdayMonte Irvin2/25/1919alive96
deadJames Irwin3/17/1930dead8/8/1991(61)
deadSteve Irwin2/22/1962dead9/4/2006(44)

Lance Ito8/2/1950alive64
deadBurl Ives6/14/1909dead4/14/1995(85)
deadMolly Ivins8/30/1944dead1/31/2007(62)

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