Oldest Living Major-League Baseball Players

This list includes every major-league baseball player born on or before 31 December 1928 who is alive. They are listed in order from oldest to youngest.

Players who accumulated fewer than 200 at bats and 50 innings pitched are in normal type. Players with more than 200 at bats or 50 innings pitched are in bold. Players in the Baseball Hall of Fame are in BOLD CAPS.

If you use data from this page, give us credit. This data doesn't compile itself - it is the result of years of research and ongoing maintenance.

RankNameBornYears of ServicePitcher?
1Art Schallock4/25/19241951-55Yes
2Bill Greason9/3/19241954Yes
3Larry Miggins8/20/19251948, 1952No
4Paul Hinrichs8/31/19251951Yes
5Bobby Shantz9/26/19251949-64Yes
6Chris Haughey10/3/19251943Yes
7Frank Saucier5/28/19261951No
8Bobby Morgan6/29/19261950, 1952-58No
9Ed Mickelson9/9/19261950, 1953, 1957No
10Carl Erskine12/13/19261948-59Yes
11Jim Willis3/20/19271953-54Yes
12Charlie Maxwell4/8/19271950-64No
13Billy Gardner7/19/19271954-63No
14Bill Harrington10/3/19271953, 1955-56Yes
15Bob Kelly10/4/19271951-58Yes
16Tommy Brown12/6/19271944-45, 1947-53Yes
17Bob Oldis1/5/19281953-55, 1960-63No
18Felipe Montemayor2/7/19281953, 1955No
19Roy Face2/20/19281953, 1955-69Yes
20Billy Hunter6/4/19281953-58No
21John Glenn7/10/19281960No
22Fred Marolewski10/9/19281953No
23Gail Henley10/15/19281954No
24Mickey Micelotta10/20/19281954-55No
25Bob Ross11/2/19281950-51, 1956Yes
26Bill Wilson11/6/19281950, 1953-55No

Recent Deaths

NameBornDiedYears of ServicePitcher?
Dave Hillman9/14/192711/20/20221955-62Yes
George Elder3/10/19217/7/20221949No

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