Oldest Living Major-League Baseball Players

This list includes every major-league baseball player born on or before 31 December 1924 who is alive. They are listed in order from oldest to youngest.

Players who accumulated fewer than 200 at bats and 50 innings pitched are in normal type. Players with more than 200 at bats or 50 innings pitched are in bold. Players in the Baseball Hall of Fame are in BOLD CAPS.

If you use data from this page, give us credit. This data doesn't compile itself - it is the result of years of research and ongoing maintenance.

RankNameBornYears of ServicePitcher?
1Fred Caligiuri10/22/19181941-42Yes
2Tom Jordan9/5/19191944-48No
3Bill Mills11/2/19191944No
4Val Helm11/4/19201942No
5Wally Westlake11/8/19201947-56No
6Eddie Robinson12/15/19201942-57No
7George Elder3/10/19211949No
8Clint Conatser7/24/19211948-49No
9Johnny Hetki5/12/19221945-54Yes
10Gil Coan5/18/19221946-56No
11Eddie Basinski11/4/19221944-47No
12George Yankowski11/19/19221942, 1949No
13Neal Watlington12/25/19221953No
14Lee Howard11/11/19231946-47Yes
15Tim Thompson3/1/19241954-58No
16Chuck Harmon4/23/19241954-57No
17Art Schallock4/25/19241951-55Yes
18Ed Fitz Gerald5/21/19241948-59No
19Milt Welch7/26/19241945No
20Bill Greason9/3/19241954Yes
21Charlie Silvera10/13/19241948-57No
22Bobby Brown10/25/19241946-54No
23Irv Noren11/29/19241950-60No

Recent Deaths

NameBornDiedYears of ServicePitcher?
RED SCHOENDIENST2/2/19236/6/20181945-63No
Chuck Stevens7/10/19185/28/20181941, 1946, 1948No
Marv Rackley7/25/19214/24/20181947-50No
Len Okrie7/16/19234/12/20181948, 1950-52No
Ed Samcoff9/1/19243/29/20181951No
Jim Rivera7/22/192111/13/20171952-61No
BOBBY DOERR4/7/191811/13/20171937-44, 1946-51No

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