Living Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame can include players, managers, umpires, and executives (Most managers were former players and many players later become managers, but they are usually voted into the Hall as one or the other, as their career merits). The baseball writers association has the primary responsibility for selecting which players will be in the Hall of Fame. Players who are no longer under consideration by the baseball writers can be voted in by the veterans committee. The veterans committee is viewed by many as a "back door" into the Hall and, therefore, it is considered more prestigious to be inducted by the baseball writers.

The veterans committee - known since 2011 as the "historical overview committee" - is also responsible for inducting non-players, including managers, executives, and umpires.

There is also one living member of the Hall who was inducted by the Negro Leagues committee, a temporary organization formed to bestow Hall of Fame honors on players from the days before baseball became racially integrated.

The list below gives each living Hall member, in order of date of birth. It also indicates how each member was inducted. No designation means "player inducted by the baseball writers."

RankNameBornML Playing CareerInduction
1Bobby Doerr4/7/19181937-44, 1946-511986 VC 
2Monte Irvin2/25/19191949-561973 NL 
3Red Schoendienst2/2/19231945-631989 VC 
4Yogi Berra5/12/19251946-63, 19651972 
5Tommy Lasorda9/22/19271954-561997 VC (manager)
6Whitey Ford10/21/19281950, 1953-671974 
7Doug Harvey3/13/1930N/A2010 VC (umpire)
8Willie Mays5/6/19311951-731979 
9Jim Bunning10/23/19311955-711996 VC 
10Whitey Herzog11/9/19311956-632010 VC (manager)
11Hank Aaron2/5/19341954-761982 
12Luis Aparicio4/29/19341956-731984 
13Al Kaline12/19/19341953-741980 
14Frank Robinson8/31/19351956-761982 
15Bob Gibson11/9/19351959-751981 
16Sandy Koufax12/30/19351955-661972 
17Bill Mazeroski9/5/19361956-722001 VC 
18Brooks Robinson5/18/19371955-771983 
19Pat Gillick8/22/1937N/A2011 HOC (executive)
20Orlando Cepeda9/17/19371958-741999 VC 
21Juan Marichal10/20/19371960-751983 
22Willie McCovey1/10/19381959-801986 
23Billy Williams6/15/19381959-761987 
24Gaylord Perry9/15/19381962-831991 
25Phil Niekro4/1/19391964-871997 
26Lou Brock6/18/19391961-791985 
27Carl Yastrzemski8/22/19391961-831989 
28Joe Torre7/18/19401960-772014 HOC (manager)
29Bobby Cox5/21/19411968-692014 HOC (manager)
30Tony Perez5/14/19421964-862000 
31Joe Morgan9/19/19431963-841990 
32Ferguson Jenkins12/13/19431965-831991 
33Tony La Russa10/4/19441963, 1968-732014 HOC (manager)
34Tom Seaver11/17/19441967-861992 
35Steve Carlton12/22/19441965-881994 
36Don Sutton4/2/19451966-881998 
37Rod Carew10/1/19451967-851991 
38Jim Palmer10/15/19451965-841990 
39Reggie Jackson5/18/19461967-871993 
40Rollie Fingers8/25/19461968-851992 
41Nolan Ryan1/31/19471966-931999 
42Johnny Bench12/7/19471967-831989 
43Carlton Fisk12/26/19471969, 1970-932000 
44Mike Schmidt9/27/19491972-891995 
45Bert Blyleven4/6/19511970-922011 
46Goose Gossage7/5/19511972-89, 1991-942008 
47Dave Winfield10/3/19511973-88, 1990-952001 
48Bruce Sutter1/8/19531976-86, 19882006 
49Jim Rice 3/8/19531974-892009 
50George Brett5/15/19531973-931999 
51Andre Dawson7/10/19541976-962010 
52Dennis Eckersley10/3/19541975-982004 
53Ozzie Smith12/26/19541978-962002 
54Robin Yount9/16/19551974-931999 
55Eddie Murray2/24/19561977-972003 
56Paul Molitor8/22/19561978-982004 
57Wade Boggs6/15/19581982-992005 
58Rickey Henderson12/25/19581979-20032009 
59Ryne Sandberg9/18/19591981-94, 1996-972005 
60Cal Ripken Jr.8/24/19601981-20012007 
61Randy Johnson9/10/19631988-20092015 
62Barry Larkin4/28/19641986-20042012 
63Craig Biggio12/14/19651998-20072015 
64Tom Glavine3/25/19661987-20082014 
65Greg Maddux4/14/19661986-20082014 
66John Smoltz5/15/19671998-20092015 
67Roberto Alomar2/5/19681988-20042011 
68Frank Thomas5/27/19681990-20082014 
69Pedro Martinez10/25/19711992-20092015 

Recent Deaths

Ernie Banks
Tony Gwynn
Ralph Kiner

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