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birthdayBill Anders10/17/1933alive86
birthdayFrank Borman3/14/1928alive91
birthdayMichael Collins10/31/1930alive89
birthdayWalter Cunningham3/16/1932alive87
deadDonn Eisele6/23/1930dead12/2/1987(57)
deadRonald Evans11/10/1933dead4/6/1990(56)
deadRichard Gordon10/5/1929dead11/6/2017(88)
birthdayFred Haise11/14/1933alive86
deadAlexei Leonov5/30/1934dead10/11/2019(85)
birthdayJim Lovell3/25/1928alive91
birthdayKen Mattingly3/17/1936alive83
birthdayJim McDivitt6/10/1929alive90
deadSally Ride5/26/1951dead7/23/2012(61)
deadStuart Roosa8/16/1933dead12/12/1994(61)
birthdayRussell Schweickart10/25/1935alive84
birthdayThomas Stafford9/17/1930alive89
deadJohn Swigert8/30/1932dead12/27/1982(50)
birthdayAlfred Worden2/7/1932alive87

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