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Born on 1/17
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deadAntonio Prohias1/17/1921dead2/24/1998(77)
birthdayBetty White1/17/1922alive99
deadEartha Kitt1/17/1927dead12/25/2008(81)
deadVidal Sassoon1/17/1928dead5/9/2012(84)
deadDon Zimmer1/17/1931dead6/4/2014(83)
birthdayJames Earl Jones1/17/1931alive90
deadShari Lewis1/17/1934dead8/2/1998(64)
birthdayMaury Povich1/17/1939alive82
deadMuhammad Ali1/17/1942dead6/3/2016(74)
birthdayMick Taylor1/17/1948alive73
deadAndy Kaufman1/17/1949dead5/16/1984(35)
birthdayPaul Young1/17/1956alive65
birthdaySteve Harvey1/17/1957alive64
birthdayJim Carrey1/17/1962alive59
birthdayMichelle Obama1/17/1964alive57
birthdayKid Rock1/17/1971alive50

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