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Born on 1/26
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deadZara Cully1/26/1892dead2/28/1978(86)
deadCharles Lane1/26/1905dead7/9/2007(102)
deadPaul Newman1/26/1925dead9/26/2008(83)
deadJoan Leslie1/26/1925dead10/12/2015(90)
birthdayJules Feiffer1/26/1929alive91
birthdayBob Uecker1/26/1934alive86
birthdayJerry Sandusky1/26/1944alive76
deadGene Siskel1/26/1946dead2/20/1999(53)
birthdayEddie Van Halen1/26/1955alive65
birthdayEllen DeGeneres1/26/1958alive62
birthdayWayne Gretzky1/26/1961alive59
birthdayKirk Franklin1/26/1970alive50

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