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Born on 3/20
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deadTheodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)3/20/1904dead9/24/1991(87)
deadB. F. Skinner3/20/1904dead8/18/1990(86)
deadJack Barry3/20/1918dead5/2/1984(66)
birthdayCarl Reiner3/20/1922alive96
deadJohn Ehrlichman3/20/1925dead2/14/1999(73)
deadFred Rogers3/20/1928dead2/27/2003(74)
birthdayHal Linden3/20/1931alive87
deadJerry Reed3/20/1937dead9/1/2008(71)
birthdayBrian Mulroney3/20/1939alive79
birthdayPat Riley3/20/1945alive73
birthdayJohn de Lancie3/20/1948alive70
birthdayBobby Orr3/20/1948alive70
birthdayWilliam Hurt3/20/1950alive68
birthdaySpike Lee3/20/1957alive61
birthdayHolly Hunter3/20/1958alive60
deadChester Bennington3/20/1976dead7/20/2017(41)

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