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Born on 2/14
Sorted by Name
deadMel Allen2/14/1913dead6/16/1996(83)
birthdayCarl Bernstein2/14/1944alive72
birthdayMichael Bloomberg2/14/1942alive74
birthdayHugh Downs2/14/1921alive95
birthdayDave Dravecky2/14/1956alive60
birthdayFlorence Henderson2/14/1934alive82
deadGregory Hines2/14/1946dead8/9/2003(57)
deadLois Maxwell2/14/1927dead9/29/2007(80)
deadSteve McNair2/14/1973dead7/4/2009(36)
deadVic Morrow2/14/1929dead7/23/1982(53)
deadEdward Platt2/14/1916dead3/19/1974(58)
birthday(Raymond) Teller2/14/1948alive68
deadPaul Tsongas2/14/1941dead1/18/1997(55)

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