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Born on 8/23
Sorted by Name
deadJean Darling8/23/1922dead9/4/2015(93)
birthdayBarbara Eden8/23/1931alive86
deadGeorge Kell8/23/1922dead3/24/2009(86)
deadGene Kelly8/23/1912dead2/2/1996(83)
birthdayShelley Long8/23/1949alive68
birthdayVera Miles8/23/1929alive88
deadKeith Moon8/23/1947dead9/7/1978(31)
birthdayMark Russell8/23/1932alive85
birthdayRichard Sanders8/23/1940alive77
birthdayRick Springfield8/23/1949alive68
birthdayPete Wilson8/23/1933alive84

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